Вы всего в нескольких шагах от значимых улучшений вашего финансового здоровья!
Давайте пройдем по небольшому опросу, чтобы мы могли подготовить для вас более точные рекомендации

Wellfy — are Misha and Kirill.
For the two of us, we have over 20 years of experience of working in banks:
Misha is one of the world's best specialists for Russian banks, on the other hand, Kirill has been creating digital financial services for leading banks in the Russian Federation for years.
One thing unites us:
We've wanted (and have figured out how) to manage our personal finances, afterward, friends have asked us for help, then the friends of friends have done so, hence it has started spinning.
Friends who are like us:
From 28 to 45 years old qualified specialists, leaders, and entrepreneurs. There are many IT specialists, financiers, and representatives of the creative class among them. In general, HENRY and Yuccie :)
Unsettled funds made it difficult for us to work productively and enjoy life. Hence, we’ve decided to change something and consciously approach this task. Each of us strives for financial independence: we want to think about retirement with anticipation, not fear; we are not intimidated by low deposit rates and high property prices - we have a plan for all of this.

And we want to share this approach with others.
Our decision:
Spotify in the world of finance - your personal financial mentor recruiting financial instruments to achieve your goals: from the formation of a passive income and pension savings up to achieving financial independence.
Our approach is completely independent of all the banks and brokers, and this allows us to unbiasedly recommend the best financial products that fit exactly to you.
Our mission:
Make financial independence accessible to everyone. Financial independence is more than money:
We use the technologies and experience of the world’s most recognizable experts for giving personalized professional financial advice and support available to everyone.
- an ability to pay for the treatment of parents
- an ability to educate children
- an ability to start your own job
- an ability to look to the future with confidence and not be afraid of retirement.
Our service is currently at the stage of closed beta testing. However, if you share our dream about financial freedom, take the first step: go through the financial check-up for 9999 rubles and get early access to the Personal Financial Plan with a 20 % discount.
Message us and we will answer all your inquires
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