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Our approach
Mission of Wellfy
Make financial independence available for everyone. Financial independence is more than money: it is an opportunity to pay for the treatment of parents, to educate children, to start your own job, to look to the future with confidence, and not be afraid of retirement.
As personal financial mentors, we use the technologies and experience of the world’s most recognizable experts.
We adhere to the "Guidance on Financial Inclusion and Financial Health Target Setting"
of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI).
Financial planning based on life goals and risk tolerance
A holistic approach to the financial well-being
Increasing resilience to possible emergency events
Online access at any time
Focus on 20% of the effort that gives 80% of the result
Our investment portfolios are based on six key principles
We do not encourage active trading and do not “wait for a perfect time” for transactions. We build lazy portfolios based on ETF and help rebalance them periodically.
A high share of participation in the stock market through ETFs, taking into account the investment profile.
We avoid the domestic bias - instead, we aim to achieve diversification by currencies, countries, and sectors.
Value-Based Investments: Your investments can create a better world for you and your children.
We consider taxation and help to optimize the portfolio.
We allow investment in specific securities, depending on your areas of interest.
Our service is currently at the stage of closed beta testing. However, if you share our dream about financial freedom, take the first step: go through the financial check-up for 9999 rubles and get early access to the Personal Financial Plan with a 20 % discount.
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