— is your personal financial mentor, aimed at helping you to make the right decisions for funds management.
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Based on your further goals, we will help you to manage the money most accurately
Have you sold a property or got an annual bonus?
No worries! We will carry out a financial check and help you to make adjustments
Do you doubt your savings management’s efficiency?
We will create an individual plan for the achievement of your life goals
Do you seek complete financial security and independence?
In which cases will Wellfy help?
under the leadership of Mikhail Shlemov: the best analyst in the financial sector in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in 2017 and 2018 according to the Institutional Investor.
Wellfy is a team
of professional
financial analysts
Executive director, senior analyst
in the financial sector of VTB Capital
more than 14 years of experience in analytical coverage of banks in Russia, CIS, and Eastern Europe at VTB Capital, UBS, Deutsche Bank.
over the past 8 years has been repeatedly recognized as the best analyst in the financial sector in Russia and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa according to polls by Institutional Investor and Extel
We will prepare a truly personal report, in which dozens of factors will be considered
Monthly spending structure
Family status
Presence, number, and age of children
Real estate
Loans and credit history
Financial instruments used and shares of distribution of assets on them
Medium and long term financial goals
Current income level, its structure, and regularity
And so on
We will also recommend
a diversified portfolio
of financial instruments
Deposits and savings accounts
Residential Properties
Commercial real estate
Availability of insurance
Wealth structure and size
Investment horizon
Risk profile
Russian and foreign stocks
Venture investments*
*Coming soon, only for qualified investors
We have two products:
check-up and personal
financial plan
The value of your Financial Health Index developed by the Wellfy experts: points will be given on a 100-point scale with detailed clarifications.
Index detailing by 5 key components
of Financial Health with recommendations: spending, savings, debt load, planning, investments.
Description of your risk profile and recommended structure of the capital allocation by various instruments.
Like a medical checkup just a financial one
financial plan
The value of your Financial Health Index developed by Wellfy experts
An assessment of each of the 5 key components of Financial Health with detailed explanations and recommendations
Description of your risk profile and recommended structure of the capital allocation by various instruments
Individual consultation on the formation
of medium and long-term financial goals
A personal financial plan, including recommendations for the reallocation of the current assets and investment of the savings, considering your risk profile and life goals
Final personal consultation with a demonstration of the plan, clarification of recommendations, and answers to your possible inquires
Your personal report
on financial
health report.
With recommendations.
9 990 RUB
Financial Checkup
And get an estimate of your Financial Health Index
You fill out a confidential questionnaire
We hold a personal meeting with a demonstration of your personal financial plan
Your personal Wellfy financial mentor prepares
a report with individual recommendations
Afterwards, we conduct a 60-minute consultation to learn more about your goals
and discuss the questions you have
instead of 49 990 RUB
Personal Financial Plan
And get an estimate of your Financial Health Index
You fill out a confidential questionnaire
(-20%) only till November 30th
39 990 RUB
An index of your financial health with recommendations for its improvement.
An index of your financial health with recommendations for its improvement, personal recommendations for the reallocation of the current assets considering your goals, and individual consultations
You are just a few steps away from making meaningful improvements in your financial health!
What is the Wellfy Financial Health Index?
The Wellfy Financial Health Index shows how well you are in managing your financing on a 100-point scale. Our Index is compiled based on the Financial Health Network methodology. Moreover, it is adapted and supplemented based on our own experience in personal finance management and the recommendations of leading experts in funds management.
What if I don't have financial goals?
That is fine. We are regularly approached by people who have never set financial goals. We will help you determine your medium and long-term goals based on several factors: age, marital status, spending structure, availability of loans, your dreams (a house on the beach? a Sports car? prestigious American education for children?) and much more. After we define the goals, Wellfy will help you create a detailed plan for achieving them. We clearly understand that goals change. Therefore, at any time you can return to our analysts and tell them that your goals have changed - we will help you update your financial plan accordingly.
What if I'm feeling uncomfortable sharing information about my money?
We understand that financial issues can be very sensitive. Hence, we guarantee that all information that we receive from you is strictly confidential and cannot be transferred to anyone.
Only the financial analyst (assigned to you) and his direct manager have access to the data. Even the founders, Mikhail and Kirill, do not have access to information from your profile, except when they are assigned as financial analysts for clients.
Complete confidentiality of our client's data has been the top priority of Wellfy from the very first day of the idea’s existence. 
What is included in the Financial Checkup?
The financial checkup includes:
Confidential online 11-question questionnaire to assess your current financial health by 5 determining tools and make key recommendations for the further actions you can take to improve it.
This questionnaire will not ask you for any personal financial information. A detailed questionnaire is filled out only when drawing up a Personal Financial Plan.
You will receive a report with personalized recommendations on steps you can take to improve your financial health.
If you pass the financial checkup before July 30, 2021, you will be one of the first to get access to the Personal Financial Plan service at a special price of 39,999 rubles (instead of 49,999 rubles).
What is included in a Personal Financial Plan?
Confidential detailed online questionnaire for a comprehensive assessment of the level of financial health by 12 key parameters. In addition, a questionnaire for forming an investment profile
60-minute online consultation to find out about your goals and answer the questions you have
Personal Financial Plan with individual recommendations for improving your Financial Health and recommended fund distribution according to your goals and investment profile.
Re-meeting with a presentation of your Personal Financial Plan where we answer questions and, if necessary, make adjustments.

Will they accompany me later after we say goodbye?

We recommend updating the plan once a year.
Will they help me find specific financial products?
We will offer several options depending on the amount and instruments. In any case, we are ready to recommend only what is 1) super reliable (those major players whose reliability is confirmed by high ratings of international and Russian rating agencies; 2) what we have tried and can explain the pros and cons.
Am I obligated to follow the recommendations?
All recommendations are purely advisory - you have the right to independently make decisions on the distribution of capital.
How is your advice different from the advice of investment advisors in bank branches and brokers?
We act exclusively on behalf of your interests and are not affiliated with anyone. Unlike a bank employee who is interested in selling you the products of the bank where he works, we are focused on selecting the best suitable tools for you to achieve your specific goals.
Unlike brokers, we believe in long-term investing and do not try to "terminate" the client, engage in leveraged trading, or sell complex financial instruments at inflated prices with unclear risk (ILI and structured notes).
Do we charge management fees? Is this trust management?
The access to all the financial assets remains exclusively with the client. We do not have any access to your accounts, funds, and we only provide you with recommendations for the reallocation of the assets. Whether to follow them or not is solely your decision.
 Who is this service for?
Wellfy is best suited for people with a wealth of 3 million rubles or more. If your assets exceed 1 million USD, we recommend contacting the Private Banking subdivision of the largest Russian banks.
9 990 RUB
Pass a financial checkup and gain confidence in your financial health
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